Welcome to P & D Sales and Service LLC!

Paul and Deena Anderson’s lives changed forever when they purchased Raymakers, Inc. On April 7, 2008, Paul and Deena Anderson began a new venture and named it, P & D Sales and Service LLC. Paul had been a full-time employee of Raymakers, Inc. for 17 years prior to purchasing the business and making it their own.

Paul grew up in Denmark, Wisconsin where he spent his middle school and high school years working on his grandfather’s farm. Anderson also worked for various farmers around the Denmark community. After graduating from high school he started working for Gary and Ellen Raymaker as a  full-time employee. As the years went by,  it seemed Gary and Ellen saw the dedication that Paul had for the company, and their customers. They knew that when the day came for them to retire, they could trust that Anderson would be the person that could continue the business to the high standards that they built it.

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Paul’s wife, Deena, who had worked as a case-worker for Brown County Human Services for 13 years, decided to jump in with both feet and become an active member in the business. Deena had very little knowledge of the agricultural industry, but found out that she is teachable. The majority of the customers are willing to educate her… as they scope through the manuals in an attempt to find the part they need. “I was very apprehensive about leaving my job, jumping into something I knew little to nothing about, but it has truly been the best, most rewarding thing I have ever done” says Deena.

Deena and Paul have two daughters; Kim, works full-time at KBX Logistics, LLC Georgia-Pacific. She has an 8 year old daughter, Kaydence, who attends school at Glenbrook Elementary. Katie is attending her 3rd year in college at UW-Stevens Point where she is majoring in Speech and Language Pathology.

We have a variety of services for you.

P&D Sales will Service/Repair as well as Install ALL PATZ, Agromatic, and Ritchie Equipment … Included but not limited to:

• Mixers
• Silo Unloaders
• Conveyors
• Barn Cleaners
• Feed Carts
• Cow Mats
• Waterers


• Bale Choppers
• Alley Scrapers
• Pit Pumps
• Barn Remodel Projects
• Barn Additions
• Brand New Construction
•Pour Concrete Slabs, Side Walks


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Our Community Involvement

As spring and summer roll around we are also supporters of "Breakfast on the Farm".  We proudly donate each year to Outagamie, Oconto, Marinette and Shawano Counties for their Breakfast on the Farm each year.  This years' dates are as follows:
                                     Shawano County:   June 24, 2019
                                        Oconto County:   June 9, 2019
                                  Outagamie County:   June 9, 2019
                                     Marinette County:   June 30, 2019

As summer draws to an end, we roll into Fair time where we proudly donate to the Shawano, Oconto, Outagamie and Marinette County Fairs. This is such a great time of the year for kids of all ages as well as the FFA memebers.